Learn How to Get an Interesting Lifestyle

What is an interesting lifestyle and how do you define it?

I came up with a sentence that I felt covered it well.

“Doing what you want to do”

Simple isn’t it? An interesting life has been created by an interesting character. So in order to develop an interesting lifestyle one must first become interesting or at least have an interest in life.

Nope. It just means that you should have an interest in life and what it offers. If you are interested in learning about the late Mayans then go to South America and learn first hand. If you want to experience the waves in Hawaii then go visit the place and ride the waves. It beats the hell out of just reading a book about it. Motivating yourself into taking action that will enrich your life.

One way to get inspiration is to try and look at people who already have a lifestyle that you want and learn how they achieved it. This is why I recommend reading auto-biographies.

One such person is the famous rapper Jay-Z, he wrote a very good book called Decoded.

The book is about his view on life and the many lessons he learned from it. If not it will at least inspire you to go get what you want out of life. You don’t have to agree with everything an author have to say. But acknowledge that this is how they view life and you should do something about your life too.

One of my personal favorite people are Richard Branson or Tony Robbins. These two live an exemplary lifestyle that many people dream of. Doing research on them or reading about their stories will help inspire and motivate you on your own path.

What all this proves is that an interesting lifestyle can not be categorized. It’s interesting if you find it so. An interesting lifestyle is a life lived with passion.

“Life becomes interesting when you take an interest in life.”

People who aren’t living an interesting life are usually lazy people.

It takes a lot of work maintaining such a lifestyle. People with interesting lifestyles are busy people. So be prepared to spend huge amounts of time on developing your lifestyle. But I would say that once you’re find something you’re passionate about, then it becomes more of a personal holiday than actual work. Developing an interesting lifestyle is enjoyable. It’s a passion.

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